Home News Health Mombasa County Askaris descend on ‘Muguka’ dens.

Mombasa County Askaris descend on ‘Muguka’ dens.

[Mombasa County Askaris demolishing 'Muguka' dens in Tononoka, Mombasa. Photo/Maxwell Ngala]

Mombasa County Askaris on Monday descended on ‘Muguka’ and Khat traders within Tononoka area even before the intended motion to ban the mild stimulants makes its way to the County assembly.

‘Muguka’ traders scampered for safety as the County Askaris demolished their stalls collecting the remains into their County vehicles.

County inspectorate Director Mohammed Amir said that they were implementing an order from the Mombasa County health department which admitted that ‘Muguka’ addiction was high in Mombasa.

According to Mr. Amir, the County is yet to pass a law to ban Muguka, dialogues are underway and the drug may soon be extricated in Mombasa.

“Our youth are fully immersed into ‘Muguka’ addiction, we must take stern action to quell the situation,” he added.

Recently the County assembly health department initiated a dialogue with ‘Muguka’ and Khat traders within the County so as to debate on the agenda.

The Chair Health Committee and Miritini MCA Kibwana Swaleh said that ‘Muguka’ had posed negative effects to school going children in the County.

Kibwana said the discussions were at a notch higher and the motion will soon be tabled at the County assembly for debate.

“We can no longer sit down and watch our youth perish because of issues we can amicably resolve, we will ban Muguka,” he insisted.

Meanwhile anti- drug lobby Reachout Centre Trust has fully backed the efforts to ban Muguka and Khat in Mombasa.

Reachout Executive Director Taib Abdulrahman said that it is through chewing of Muguka and Miraa that has led to drug abuse among the youth.

“Most of those currently doing drugs were once addicted to cigarette smoking, Miraa and Muguka,” he noted.