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Mombasa County implements tough measures to tame Covid-19

[Mombasa Deputy Governor Dr. William Kingi. Photo/Bakari Ali].

Mombasa County emergency response committee on Covid-19 has issued a raft of new measures aimed at hastening the Ministry of health protocols as it seeks to stem new infections in the wake of the third wave of the pandemic in the port city of Mombasa.

According to Mombasa Deputy Governor Dr. William Kingi the committee declared a mandatory for visitors entering the county to have valid Covid-19 certificates declaring the visitor is negative.

The committee has ordered the closure of all Sunday school sessions and Madrasa classes with immediate effect, in what Deputy Governor William Kingi said is a move to curtail further spread of the third wave.

Kingi said the decision was arrived at following the latest realization that children could be silent spreaders of the virus.

“We have decided to close the Sunday Schools and Madrasas until further notice to stop the spread because we have realized that young children could be the key spreaders of the virus. Apart from the fact that it is difficult to monitor them and ensure they observe the health protocols,  once infected, children hardly get to severe cases, they easily infect the elderly and this we seek to stop by discouraging children from gathering,” explained Kingi.

The Committee at the same time advised congregates aged 55 and above not to attend places of worship as a way of minimizing fatalities.

Mombasa Deputy County Commissioner Martin Owuor noted that people above 55 years of age account for 90 percent of Covid-19 deaths and it is therefore imperative that they keep off crowds for assured safety.

Religious gatherings

The County emergency response committee on Covid-19 which is co-chaired by the Governor and County Commissioner called on the interfaith committee to offer guidance to their congregants on how to keep safe in places of worship based on available guidelines.

“It is difficult to control all the congregations and monitor who is attending and who is not but we are advised the interfaith committee to advise their congregants in Churches and Mosque on safety, and especially advise those above 55 years of age to stay at home and follow the services from home where possible,” explained the DCC.

The committee further declared the total prohibition of all indoor sports as an additional measure to curb the further spread.