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Mombasa doctors return to work empty handed

[KMPDU Coast Secretary General Dr Hassan Ahmed Mkuche addressing the media at the Coast General Hospital on March, 4th, 2022. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Doctors in Mombasa have been ordered to return to work from Friday 8 am pending hearing and determination of a court case filed by the Mombasa County government.

In a meeting held between the two parties, the Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union KMPDU and the county government of Mombasa it was agreed that the medics go back to work pending the court case.

The KMPDU moved to court in last year demanding full payment of their members’ salaries and on time, and any pending statutory deductions, that Mombasa county government is yet to fulfill.

In a twist of events, after the doctors downed their tools from Monday this week, the Mombasa county government obtained a court order that nullified the ongoing strike ordering the doctors to return to work.

The doctors will from Friday morning, 11 return to work completely empty handed since nothing has been paid so far.

“We held a meeting with the Mombasa county government and we are streamlining on various issues, the main being the payment of salaries on time,” said KMPDU Coast regional Chairperson Dr Hassan Ahmed Mkuche.

Tough stand

Dr Mkuche said though the doctors will obey court orders, they will not back down in their quest for better working conditions, payment of salaries on time and ensure all the basic legal government deductions among them the NHIF, NSSF, and any other basic deductions are fully remitted to the relevant entities.

“We have called off the strike but not called off our demands, the battle is just but beginning, our welfare must be respected by our employer so that we also deliver quality and standard health services to the public,” said Dr Mkuche.

He noted that the statutory deductions that remained pending since last year were partially remitted with their January salaries also paid.

However, the Coast Doctors’ leader says their February salaries are still pending.

He said their demands are well known by the Mombasa county government and the only way out is for the county government to pay salaries on time, remit any basic deductions as required by law so that it enables the doctors too to pay their loans, a tough, complicated situation that has made the doctors’ lives unbearable.