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Mombasa Health officials pursue medical negligence after KTN expose’


The Mombasa health department swung into action immediately after KTN News expose of the rot at New Wema private Hospital in Shanzu Mombasa county.

County Chief Health Officer Doctor Khadija Shikelly said a team of county health officials have been assigned to properly investigate the hospital’s operation and unearth what has been going on in the private health facility.

In the medical negligence reported by KTN News Coast based reporter Tobias Chanji, 35 year only Josphen Akeyo is in critical condition after a missed medical operation from a New Wema hospital proprietor known as Dr. Richard Mtoni.

According to Akeyo’s husband Dominic Odhiambo, they have been struggling since November 2019 when Mtoni told the family that the wife had water in her stomach and she was to undergo specialised treatment to remove the water.

According to Odhiambo, the Dr.at one time forced out the water through her private parts causing the already suffering Akeyo more pain.

“One time he told as to hide his I’ll deeds telling my ailing wife to sign that she was trying to abort, but we refused to sign the document,” revealed Mr. Odhiambo.

In a hidden camera, Mr. Mtoni is seen handing over envelope with it’s content unknown in a bid to stop the broadcast of the story, but Chanji declines and pursues justice for Akeyo.

Akeyo’s intestines are outside since the missed medical treatment that Mtoni has since tried to cover up.

Locals are eagerly waiting on the turn out of events.

Meanwhile kudos Mr. Chanji and KTN News for highlighting what others players in the media may have ignored.