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Most people unaware they are suffering from TB-Health expert

[Reachout Centre Trust Nurse, Daniel Waliama. Photo/Tom Fondo/March, 25, 2022].

Health experts are warning that most Kenyans suffering from Tuberculosis are actually unaware about their health situation.

In a recent data from the Ministry of health, Kenya records at least 140,000 new TB cases annually.

Of these, 40,000 TB patients actually do not know that they area suffering from the respiratory disease.

Reachout Centre Trust Health official Daniel Waliama is urging Coast residents to get medical examination so that they know their health condition.

Mr Waliama disclosed that compared to the past years when health experts urged Kenyans to go for TB examination after a three-week continuous coughing, the situation has drastically changed.

“If you experience continuous coughing for at least three days, you are not safe, you should take that bold stage and get TB medical examination,” revealed Waliama.

He also stated that when one experiences heavy sweating and loss of weight in an abruptly manner, they should quickly get examined for TB too.

Waliama noted that TB cuts across age brackets and anyone is at high risk of contracting the disease.

“Only finger nails and hair cannot be affected by TB but all other parts of the body are at risk, this can as well be transmitted through saliva particles from a TB patient,” he further disclosed.

Waliama though he is in admittance that TB can be treated, he insisted a TB patient should fully adhere to all the treatment instructions, failure to which they can experience a recurrence.


“Remember we have the Active TB Disease which is an illness in which the TB bacteria rapidly multiply and invade different organs of the body, while the Miliary TB is a rare form of active disease that occurs when TB bacteria find their way into the bloodstream,” further revealed the health official.

He also disclosed that because of how people who use drugs live, TB can easily be spread, thus causing major health threat to them.

Waliama who offers healthcare services to both active and recovering drug users at the anti-drug lobby, Reachout Centre Trust says the organisation is offering universal health interventions targeting people who use and inject drugs.

“We examine people who use and inject drugs since they are vulnerable to Tuberculosis so that we clearly know their health status and immediately intervene including referring them health experts depending on the magnitude of the disease in their bodies.

Reachout Centre Trust according to Mr Waliama, has been working in reducing the effects of drug use and as well implementing progressive drug policies, these include universal health interventions to people who use and inject drugs.