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Mvita MP aspirant Said Twaha to push for CHV’s remunerations

[Mvita Constituency Parliamentary Aspirant Said Mohammed Twaha. Photo/Ahmed Omar/ June, 27, 2022].

Mvita Constituency Parliamentary aspirant Said Mohammed Twaha says he will push at the National Assembly for passage and enactment of a law that will enable Community Health Volunteers (CHV’s) to get monthly remunerations.

Twaha says Community Health Volunteers have played a great role of saving lives at the grassroots level and ignoring their efforts amounts to ignoring the health of Mombasa residents.

Addressing the CHV’s in Old town Mombasa on Sunday, Twaha noted that the group has been very critical when it comes to creating awareness to the public on health issues even before the health experts reach the ground.

“We witnessed the outbreak of Chikungunya, later came the Covid-19 pandemic among other various ailments and the first person to reach the community is the Community Health Volunteer,” noted Mr Twaha.

The youthful community leader revealed that most of the CHV’s within Mombasa county are youth and women who suffer various economic setbacks and needs support from the national government.

Twaha further said that when he sails into leadership, he will work on such efforts to ensure the parliament passes law to enable the Community Health Volunteers get monthly wages.

“We all understand the ever swelling of the cost of living in our country that has affected each one of us, we need a quick solution for these by economically empowering our people,” he further disclosed.


Twaha, also promised to benefit the CHV’s with local businesses that will emanate from NG-CDF funded projects within the constituency so that they are able to fend for themselves.

He said working with the community has been his main objective since he served in his profession as a banker and the situation will never change even in his political journey.

Village elders

Meanwhile, Twaha says the village elders too needs to received stipends for them to carry on serving both the National and County governments.

The youthful leader noted that Village elders have been playing a great role both in working with the Community Health volunteers and with security agencies and that their efforts should be recognized.

“I appeal to you to closely work with me so that we sail into leadership and work on various strategies in a bid to uplift our living standards,” he told the Community Health Volunteers and village elders drawn from Old town area within Mvita Constituency.