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RCT, KMTC MOU to equip medical students with progressive training, research

[Reachout Centre Trust Executive Director Taib Abdulrahman (Left) with KMTC Mathari Campus Principal Ms Florence Maina. Photo/Tedd Kalama].

Reachout Centre Trust has entered into agreement with the Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC)  Mathari Campus, Nairobi to enable students get first-hand information on mental health and various research related programs.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will establish a framework for strengthening operational partnership and learning for KMTC students pursuing Mental Health and Psychiatry.

While signing the agreement, Reachout Centre Trust Executive Director Mr Taib Abdulraham and KMTC Mathari Campus Principal Ms Florence Maina together with Ms Nafisa Abadi said under the framework they will develop specific activities, projects or research to be implemented in a spirit of learning and common commitment to further the protection and assistance towards people with substance use disorders.

“This agreement will enable students pursuing various health fields in KMTC Mathari Campus and specifically those pursuing Metal Health and Psychiatry to interact with the organizational related activities, research programs and further training in their field,” said Mr Taib.

He further stated that the organization has invested on Mental Health and other Drug related disorders so as to help recovering drug users walk out of the menace.

“We are glad that our partnership is growing steadfast and we believe that these students will benefit from the real situation, training and research based credible results so that they are well equipped with relevant information in the profession,” reiterated Mr Taib.

He further revealed that under the Organisations’ programs; Advocacy, Harm reduction, Drug dependency and treatment, Reintegration, Mental Health and Psychiatric among other pertinent services toward drug users, the institution will directly benefit from such programs and release to the health sector qualified health practitioners.


He further stated that the organization is ready to work with other partners in a bid to ensure such services reach the society at grassroots level.

On her part, Ms Maina reiterated the importance of strengthening working relation with partners with an aim of benefiting students in the health field.

She thanked the anti-drug Organisation for agreeing to work with the high learning institution for the benefit of the students.

“We do not take this opportunity for granted but we want to extend further our gratitude to Reachout Centre Trust, we are sure if our students use it well it will assist us professionally,” said Ms Maina.