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Rights defenders want Taita Taveta health crisis quelled

[Haki Africa Rapid response Officer Mathias Hezron Shipetta. Photo/Ali Chete].

Human rights Organisation Haki Africa is demanding for an amicable solution to the health crisis affecting Taita Taveta county.

Recently, Haki Africa held a protest in the county calling on Taita Taveta county government to act on the health menace in the county.

Haki Africa Rapid response Officer Mathias Hezron Shipetta said locals and health workers are all at risk especially during these times when the country is badly hit by Covid-19 pandemic.

Shipetta said ignorance from the county health authorities is wanting, adding that the county government should strive towards uplifting the health services in the county.


Shipetta said health workers in various public health facilities within the county should get Personal Protective Equipement (PPE’s) so that they reduce the risk of contracting Covid-19.

“You have no business leading locals if you cannot provide them with quality and adequate health care services,” reiterated Mr. Shipetta.

Shipetta also called for comprehensive medical cover for medics in the county, adequate and ontime payment of their salaries, remmittance of their statutory deductions to the relevant authorities on time among other demands.

“You cannot treat the medics as any other ordinary person, they are the custodians of the locals’s health they should be listened and accorded all the necessary support and conducive working environment,” reiterated the human rights defender.


He also called for reinstatement of all sacked health workers in the county.

The human rights defender urged the County Chief Granton Samboja to set-up an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the Moi referral hospital in Voi to provide urgent medical attention especially to Covid-19 cases in the county.

[Voi Locals protesting poor healthcare services in their county. Photo/Ali Chete].

“Moi Hospital in Voi is the only referral health facility in this county, we are worried of its sorry state, the county government should strive towards face-lifting it,” he added.

Voi Justice Centre Coordinator Alexander Mbela said the government should take responsibility and ensure locals in the county access better healthcare services.

“We have documented various cases of people losing lives because of lack of urgent medical services in the facility,” revealed Mbela.