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Help us locate our kin, family ask police

[Anuda Mohammed Abbas, the abducted 4 year old girl. Photo/Courtesy].

A family in Mombasa is asking the police to help them locate their kin.

The four year old Anuda Mohammed Abbas was abducted by unknown lady at their home in Mtopanga area Kisauni Sub county Friday evening.

Her Aunty, Asma Mohammed said Anuda  a pupil at Hamnzi academy at Mtopanga was with her brother and together they were told  a stranger to go buy some fried potatoes and later the younger brother was told to go back home in unclear circumstances.

“They vanished with the kid,” revealed Asma.

Abducted by a lady

She said that the woman was on a dera (a loose dress) and a scarf but new to the locals and neighbours.

“We cannot tell the motive behind the abduction since all the neighbours said they do not know the woman and that they have never seen her within the locality before,” she revealed.

Anuda’s Uncle Bushra Ali urged locals to help the family locate their little girl.

“The mother is going through a lot of pain please help us locate our girl,” he said.

Kisauni Police Boss Julius Kiragu said police were pursuing the matter.

He assured the family that their kin will be found in safe and sound state.