Home News Huge debt, mega projects, Kenyans feel the pinch-Zuleikha

Huge debt, mega projects, Kenyans feel the pinch-Zuleikha

[Kwale Women Representative Zuleikha Juma. Photo/Alloys Musyoka]

Kwale County women Representative Zuleikha Juma has called on the government to put on hold large infrastructure projects that take big chunk of national budget as she weighed in the debate over increased taxes.

She said the infrastructure and huge government date was further sinking Kenyans into total poverty.

“The SGR project is a case in point,” she said.

Zuleikha said that citizens should not be taxed further because already majority are suffering prior to the increase in fuel tax, a tax that has a domino effect on all other commodities.

“Citizens have been struggling to pay school fees, medical expenses, transport and food,” she said.

The effect of fuel tax she said is badly affecting Kwale people especially boda boda operators making transport in the vast county out of reach.

She noted In Kwale boda boda costs have doubled which has caused transportation in a vast county out of reach for locals.

The ODM Kwale MP argued that further measures should be put in place to stem corruption in government instead of burdening citizens with huge taxes.

She said various expert reports have indicated that the government can save 600 billion shillings per year which can help offset deficits.

Zuleikha said that the executive should invest more in supplying the most basic services required by the citizenry including adequate water access across the country, access to free education up to secondary level and access to free and quality health care.

“With this more Kenyans will be more economically and socially empowered and the expected outcome will be a growth in the economy,” she added.

Her statement comes amid heated debated in the country over the passed amendements of the finance bill 2018 where an 8% VAT was imposed on fuel among other hiked taxes.