Home News Huge fire raze down part of Kongowea market

Huge fire raze down part of Kongowea market


A huge inferno has razed down part of the largest Kongowea market in Mombasa County.

The fire that broke out at around 11pm on Monday night reduced a section where second hand clothes vendors have been operating for years.

Rose Okwaro, one of the many affected business owners said she lost clothes worth over 400,000 shillings.

“We suspect a foul play, if they don’t want us to operate in this market, then they should tell us to leave,” She lamented.

Okwaro said that’s the second incident in less than two years.

She said the vendors have just bought bales of clothes and they were to start selling them on Tuesday morning.

“How will we survive? We have been left with totally nothing,” she said.

Another business owner, Caroline Awuor said she has been doing the business for over a decade now after her husband died.

“Imagine being a widow, and loosing the only business that fends for the family, what will i do to feed my children?” She posed.

Awuor said her life has come to a standstill.

“Most of us women here are preparing to take our children to secondary school in August, however, all our dreams have been shuttered,” she says.

Mombasa investor cum politician Suleiman Shahbal visited the business owners in the market assuring them of his assistance.

“We are organizing a fundraising on Sunday so that we can help them rescucitate their investments,” He said.

The politician said those affected by the fire incident need urgent assistance so that they can carry on with their businesses.

He said he had discussed with the affected business owners on how they can get new stock and carry on with their livelihood activities at the market.

The cause of the inferno is yet to be established.

Investigations are underway to establish the cause of the fire according to police.