Home News Hurry up repair works at Obama road contractor told

Hurry up repair works at Obama road contractor told

[Ongoing repair works on Obama road in Changamwe. Photo/ Maxwell Ngala]

Engineers contracted to construct the Changamwe-Moi International airport road have been asked to hurry up repair works at the Obama road after it collapsed a week ago.

Kipevu ward MCA Faith Mwende Boniface said that the reconstruction works have been going on sluggishly and asked the contractor to speed up the repair works.

Mwende said that the disruption of the two lanes from the airport to Changamwe has caused major snarl up especially during pick and off pick hours.

She said that the government ought to have monitored the construction works closely to avoid such shoddy job from the contractor.

She said that most of the contractors give shoddy work despite charging the government exorbitantly.

“I want the central government to closely monitor the reconstruction of the Obama road at Apollo area in Changamwe, the road is very new and we are disappointed with the Chinese construction company,” she said.

Mwende also asked Mombasa County government to reconnect water pipes which were cut off during the construction of Obama road in Changamwe.

She said that locals in Kipevu, Chaani and Migadini have faced acute water shortage following the construction of the road which led to a disconnection of water pipes.