Home News Ignore anti-covid-19 measures and get a thorough beating

Ignore anti-covid-19 measures and get a thorough beating

[Mombasa County Commissioner Gilbert Kitiyo. Photo/courtesy].

Mombasa County commissioner Gilbert Kitiyo is proposing a thorough beating to those flouting the anti -covid-19 safety measures.

Kitiyo is saying the whipping has proved to be very effective in managing the spread of Coronavirus in other countries.

He says the thorough beating will enforce locals to fully adhere to all health and safety rules in a bid to avert coronavirus.

Addressing locals in Mombasa, Kitiyo said since locking them up in cells cannot tame the spread of the virus, a thorough beating will do.


“In fact political and community leaders should receive many strokes of the cane since they should lead by example,” noted Mr. Kitiyo.

He said some of the Mombasa residents have ignored all the safety and health measures and the only way to instill such knowledge is to hand them a proper beating.

“This has worked extremely well in other countries, let us unite and embrace it for the safety of people,” reiterated Kitiyo.

He however appealed to political and community leaders in the country to instill necessary and relevant information to locals in a bid to avert further spread of coronavirus.

Learning paralysed

Mombasa has in the past weeks recorded high covid-19 cases and deaths the recent one being the death of Tononoka Boys high school Principal Mohammed Khamis.

Khamis succumbed to Covid-19 early Monday and was later buried at the Kikowani Muslim cemetery in Mombasa Island according to Islamic rituals.

Tononoka secondary was last week closed after 11 people including teachers, students and support staffs contracted the virus.

Also closed for two weeks are Star of the Sea primary and secondary schools also in Mombasa after four teachers including the Principal contracted the disease.

Police in Mombasa have hastened a crackdown in the public transport sector after it was reported that matatus are carrying the normal 14 passengers instead of the recommended 8 passengers.

Police have been arresting locals without face masks, detaining them in police stations and later release them after paying cash bails.