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Initiate dialogue on drugs with your children, parents urged

[ RCT Executive director Taib Abdulrahman with Muslim cleric Sheikh Omar Abubakar during the anti-drug forum. Photo/Courtesy/RCT].

Parents should take the lead role in discussing about drugs and substance abuse with their children.

Reachout Centre Trust Executive director Taib Abdulrahman said parents fear openly discussing about drugs with their children despite having adequate information that the young generation is in peril following the harmful effects of drug menace.

Addressing a youth forum on drugs at Sheikh Zayed hall at Bombolulu in Mombasa on Saturday, Mr. Taib said parents should not shy away from discussing about drugs with their children.

‘Children are our life if we lose them to drugs then we have nothing to brag about or depend on as parents. Let us secure the young generation,” noted Mr. Taib.

He said that most parents are too busy for the well being of their own children.

“How can a parent become ‘too busy’ for his own children, if we cannot guide our children to the right path then we do not know what parenting actually mean,” he told the parents present during the anti-drug forum.

[Youth participating in the anti-drug awareness forum at Sheikh Zayed hall in Bombolulu, Mombasa. Photo/Courtesy/RCT].

According to the renowned drug activist, parents, religious, political and community leaders should engage youths at the grassroots level on matters revolving around drugs and substance abuse so that they are not attracted to the menace.

.He said that RCT has been engaging youth on various anti-drug awareness campaigns.

Taib noted that the organisation is conducting anti-drug awareness campaign through involving students in sports activities making them anti-drug ambassadors in Mombasa and in other Coastal counties.

The Saturday’s anti-drug awareness campaign that attracted youth, children and parents from Mombasa was organised and sponsored by Focused Muslim Youth –FMY and Ta’aluful Quloob muslim organisations.