Home News International Peace Day; Politicians warned against dividing Kenyans

International Peace Day; Politicians warned against dividing Kenyans

[Haki Africa Executive Director Hussein Khalid. Photo/Ali Chete].

Human rights defenders have called for a cease in political bickering towards the electioneering period.

The activists who marked the International Peace Day in Mombasa on Tuesday called for development-oriented campaigns in the Country and not divisive politics.

Led by the Human rights lobby, Haki Africa, the activists warned that the current witnessed political bickering may plunge the country into chaos.

Addressing locals at the Mwandoni area in Kisauni Subcounty, Mombasa, Haki Africa Executive Director Hussein Khalid said the country should remain united at all times.

The rights defender said Kenyans are already worried over the witnessed political bickering with political leaders openly threatening and tearing into each other in their political campaigns.

According to Khalid, the country is united but politicians are trying to divide it politically.

“Currently Kenyans are united and live in harmony, However, politicians don’t like seeing that,” He said.

Khalid urged the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) to stamp its authority and curtail such an ugly trend.

“Why can’t our politicians convince Kenyans to vote for them without any form of incitement?” Posed Mr Khalid.

He said the activists will continue preaching peace and coexistence among Kenyans and specifically the Coastal people as the nation prepares for the August 9, 2022, general polls.

His sentiments were backed by local religious leader Carnas Odhiambo.

Odhiambo noted that most youths in the country are easily lured by politicians to cause chaos following their poor economic status.

Odhiambo said it has been the norm for the youth in the entire country to be used, misused by politicians and then left in pathetic economic status.

“We truly know that our youth are left jobless so that politicians can keep on using them for their selfish gains, this should not be the case,” He pointed out.