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Introduce sex education in school- Youth activist

[A portrait containing Sex education message to schools. Photo/Courtesy]

The Government should introduce sex education in schools to enable pupils make right decisions.

Stretchers Youth Organization Executive director Dickson Okong’o said that compared to the past, the current generation is introduced to sex matters at a tender age and the government should employ measures to protect it.

Okong’o said that sex education should not be shun away in schools as it help in creating awareness on sexually transmitted diseases and how young girls can evade early pregnancies.

He said if the matter was ignored, cases of school dropouts because of early pregnancies among pupils will be rampant.

Okong’o said that children were already practicing unsafe sex and that they should get the right information so that they are not badly affected by the digital space.

“If we will not take the lead, the digital space will, so we have to take a brave step and impart the right information to our children,” he added.

Okong’o said that it was evident that young boys and girls in primary schools in Jomvu and Miritini areas in Mombasa were indulging in sexual behaviors as cases of school dropouts because of early pregnancies have been reported in those areas.

“We are on the ground as a Youth organization working with other gender rights defenders and we tell the situation through fact based cases,” he noted.

Okong’o said that Stretchers Youth Organisation was working closely with other Non-governmental organization in imparting the right information about reproductive health to the youth so as to enable them take control of their lives.