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Investigate discrimination claims on relief food – MUHURI

[MUHURI Rapid response Officer Francis Auma. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Human rights lobby Muslims for Human rights-MUHURI has appealed for investigation on complaints regarding relief food distribution in Mombasa county.

The human rights lobby says the complaints should not be ignored since some of the needy families have not benefited from the package.

MUHURI Rapid Response Officer Francis Auma said some locals especially in Changamwe decried their names being removed from the beneficiary lists.

He said the food from well-wishers must be distributed to the needy and in transparency manner.

“As rights activists we can’t remain mum while village elders are tainting the county’s noble relief program,” said Auma.

He urged for a disciplinary action against the heartless community leaders.

“This program is not meant for Ramadan neither is it to benefit those who can afford to buy food,” reiterated Auma.

He proposed for a stern action against the village elders.

There has been complaint from locals over discrimination in the relief food distribution program in various parts of the county.