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Italians wants security operation against Sylvia abductors accelerated

[Sylvia Romana who was abducted in Kilifi night attack. Photo/Courtesy]

Italians are piling pressure on the government to speed up investigations against Sylvia Romano’s abductors.

The Italians and donors of the Africa Milele Onlus children’s home at Chakama in Malindi, Kilifi County are pressurizing the Kenya security apparatus to give them promising hand about Ms Romano’s 23 abduction.

According to one of the donors Andrea Caschetto, they are worried about Sylvia’s safety since 20th November last year when she was abducted by unknown people in a fracas that left 5 people including a 10 year old boy nursing serious gunshot wounds.

Mr. Andrea said that the well wishers have been waiting for positive information concerning Ms Romano but two months later nothing tangible is coming out from the Kenyan government.

“We are pained and disturbed by search heinous act, please help us locate our colleague,” said Andrea in a statement.

He however appealed to the Italian government to work closely with the Kenyan government in a bid to secure Ms Romano.

However, Coast regional police Commandant Marcus Ochola revealed that Romano is still in Kenya and refuted claims that she was taken to Somali by her abductors.

Mr. Ochola said that detectives have sealed Boni forest in search of the Italian volunteer and there is no way out for the abductors.

“We highly depend on intelligence reports from locals, we are extra vigilant to net the abductors,” he said in his recent address to journalists in Mombasa.

He cited poor communication in the area as a hitch in the search for Romano, but assured locals and Italians that Kenya security agency is in action to secure Ms. Romano.

Earlier, the government identified Ibrahim Aden Omar, Yusuf Kuno Aden and Said Adan Abdi as the masterminds of the Africa Milele Onlus attack on 20th November 2018.

Police placed a sh. 3 million bounty on the three and appealed to the public for cooperation in netting them.