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Joho moves to quell Buxton housing project wrangles

[Buxton houses scheduled for demolition to pave way for new housing project. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho has asked for calmness among two wrangling factions over the proposed Buxton housing project.

Joho said all the parties will be fully involved in the project until a truce is attained.

He urged Buxton residents to cease wrangles and instead embrace dialogue so that everyone benefits from the project.

The Mombasa Governor assured Buxton residents that the dialogue forums will enhance a truce between the two wrangling factions.

“In fact my brother Abdulswamad Sharif Nassir will lead the dialogue forums to ensure all sides are accorded their rights,” noted Joho.


The Mombasa County Chief recently witnessed mixed reactions during the launch of Buxton ECD robot training programme within Mvita Constituency when the two wrangling factions demanded a solution to the Buxton housing project.

Buxton tenants Chairperson Sheikh Mohammed Khalifa said the project is ready to kick off despite resistance by some tenants.

Khalifa said investor and politician Suleiman Shahbal recently conducted adequate public participation forums in the area that involved all locals and concerned parties.

“All the questions raised were answered by the investor and other concerned parties from Mombasa county government how come we are arguing on the same thing?” posed the Muslim cleric.

He criticized Mvita MP Abdulswamad Sharif Nassir for causing unnecessary conflict in the project.

Court battles

However, while responding to the claims, Nassir said the concerns must be addressed before the project is given a green light.

[Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho. Photo/GPS].

Mr. Nassir said since Buxton housing project directly involved locals, it should as well involved all the concerned parties until everyone is satisfied, before its kicks off.

“none of us here is objecting development, in fact we are all focusing on uplifting the living standards of our people, however that tiny concern raised must be addressed,” he said.

Nassir said the project will only be critical to locals if locals’ grievances are full addressed.

The 6 billion shillings housing projecting was halted by wrangles that have since resurfaced at the corridors of justice.