Home News Jomvu kuu residents in a bid to impeach their MCA

Jomvu kuu residents in a bid to impeach their MCA

[Okoa Jomvu Kuu group leader Safari Makazi. Photo/Elvis Kenga].

Jomvu Kuu Ward residents in Mombasa County have started collecting signatures to impeach their Ward Member of County assembly (MCA) Abdallah Shebe Mukono.

Okoa Jomvu Kuu group launched the signature initiative urging locals to turn up in large numbers to ensure Mukono is kicked out of office.

Speaking on Tuesday morning in Jomvu Kuu, Okoa Jomvu Kuu led by their coordinator Safari Makazi disclosed the move to dislodge their MCA from power was due to development negligence in their ward.

Safari expressed the Member of County Assembly absence from office had affected service delivery in the area.

He said they have three centers for collecting signature within Jomvu Kuu Ward being Miritini estate, Mikanjuni stage and Aldina stage.

8,000 signatures

“We have targeted over 10,000 signatures and we have already gathered over 8,000 signatures,” he said.

Another resident Joshua Mose said they are recalling their MCA Abdallah Shebe Mukono because of assaulting his office employee, Jomvuu Kuu Ward manager a case that remains pending in the court and other cases of gross misconduct and embezzlement of funds.

Paul Wanyama said for the last three years their MCA has been in the office, he has failed to initiate a single development project in his ward.

“Mombasa County political leaders should not interfere with our impeachment plans against our MCA,” reiterated Mr. Wanyama.