Home News Jomvu residents blame their leaders for incompetence

Jomvu residents blame their leaders for incompetence

[Jomvu-Alldina village Chairperson Stephen Charo. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Jomvu Kuu Ward residents in Mombasa County have decried the poor state of roads and other infrastructure in the area.

Led by Aldina village Chairman Stephen Charo, the residents accused their area Member of Parliament Badi Twalib and their Ward Member of County assembly Abdallah Shebe Mukono of failing to discharge their duties as required

Mr. Charo said Badi and Shebe have failed to address the biting issue of title deeds and said they are now living like squatters in their ancestral land.

Another Village elder Charles Tchungwa, said the roads in the area are in deplorable conditions but the concerned authorities had not heeded calls to improve them.

Poor infrastructure

Tchungwa said the only that links them with the Mikindani ward is impassable by motor vehicles, Tuktuks, and bodaboda.

Tchungwa said the area has lagged behind in education because there is no modern schools and lacks health facility forcing them to go to their neighboring Ward Mikindani to seek for treatment.

Esther Nyamvula an activist said their mobility is being hindered by lack of good roads and they are facing perennial water shortage where they have no piped water since independence and they rely on borehole water.

They called on Badi to discharge his duties as required and called him to pull up his socks.