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Judiciary urged to embrace technology to enhance justice

[RCT paralegal officers Pili Sariah (Left) with Hassan Omar Abdallah (Right) Photo/ Tom Fondo].

The judiciary has been challenged to embrace technology to ensure smooth running of court proceedings.

Anti-drug activist and Reachout Centre Trust (RCT) Paralegal officer Hassan Omar Abdallah said most of those netted with petty offenses are people who use drugs.

Hassan said if petty offenders are detained in various police stations due to closure of the Mombasa law courts it will result to injustice.

“Though it’s a new thing, the judiciary needs to embrace technology to attain justice,” said the young anti-drug activist.


Meanwhile, Mr. Abdallah has said the continuous engagement between RCT and the judiciary has positively impacted the fight against drug use in the Coast region.

He said in most cases, drug users when taken to court are referred to the organisation’s rehabilitation centre located at Kona ya Mtongwe in Likoni Sub-county as well as for methadone treatment at Freertown clinic in Nyali constituency.

“These new developments means a lot to us, since locking these sick people behind bars has never helped in the fight against drug use among locals,” said Mr. Abdallah.

He called for close working relation between the judiciary and the anti-drug organisation so as to enhance the fight against drug use in the Coast region.

Last week, Chief Justice David Maraga shut Mombasa law court, the County and Children’s court in Tononoka, Mombasa after 11 of staff members contracted Covid-19 virus.

Maraga said the eleven and a total of 180 contacts will proceed for quarantine.

“However, we will embrace technology in enhancing smooth court proceedings,” said Maraga.