Home News KDF kills 5 Al-shabab militants in Somalia  

KDF kills 5 Al-shabab militants in Somalia  

[Photo of slain Al-shabab militants. Photo/courtesy/Officers in Operation].

Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) have killed 5 Al-shabab militants at Bilis Qooqani area in Somalia.

Over 20 Al-shabab militants attacked the Somali Security Forces (SSF) station at Bilis Qooqani from three directions.

A KDF Unit also stationed in the area responded by dispatching a special platoon of soldiers to support the Somali Security Forces killing the 5 militia men.

“KDF soldiers operating under AMISON also recovered 5 AK-47 rifles and several rounds of ammunition,” said Colonel Zipporah Kioko, Public affairs and KDF Spokesperson.

She said KDF soldiers will continue working with Somali Security Forces in support of operations to restore peace and reduce the threat posed by Al-shabab.

“We will continue to build Somali Security Forces capacity and assist them in stabilisation, reconciliation and peace building in Somalia,” noted Colonel Zipporah.