Home News KEMNAC calls for diversification of Chief Kadh’s post

KEMNAC calls for diversification of Chief Kadh’s post

[KEMNAC Chairperson Sheikh Juma Ngao. Photo. Bakari Ali].

Kenya Muslims Advisory Council-KEMNAC has called for transparency in the recruitment of Chief Kadh in the country.

Chief Kadh Sheikh Shariff Ahmed Muhdhar’s term will lapse in mid this year.

The post was earlier held by Sheikh Ahmed Mohammed Kassim before he retired.

KEMNAC Chairperson Sheikh Juma Ngao said there has been biasness in the recruitment of Chief Kadh for years.

He said only one community benefitted from the post despite other communities having qualified for the post.

The Muslims cleric said the top post has been under only one community from Mombasa since 1942, a situation that must change.

According to Sheikh Ngao, there must be a change in the recruitment process.

“We are very much alert, we want an open, transparent and just recruitment process of the Chief Kadh,” said Sheikh Ngao.


He said Islamic religion does not come from one community in Mombasa County but many Kenyan Muslims are qualified for the posts.

“There is nothing wrong to have Sheikh Mohammed Katana Nzai as Chief Kadh,” he told journalists in Mombasa on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Sheikh Ngao has vowed to unleash Muslim organisations behind stealing of Islamic reliefs imported into the country from the Middle-East countries.

According to the Muslims cleric, some Islamic organisations have been reaping from where they never sow.


“This time round, we are not relenting in ensuring all reliefs such as dates imported into the country from the Middle East reach the intended mosques,” reiterated Ngao.

He continued, “In fact some Muslim preachers shamelessly sale these dates at Mwembe tayari and Macknon Market,”

He said the council will closely monitor the distribution of reliefs to the targeted Muslim community across the region to ensure transparency.