Home News Kenya truck drivers demands justice after one killed in Tanzania

Kenya truck drivers demands justice after one killed in Tanzania


Kenya Long distance truck drivers, The Kenya Transport Association have united with their Tanzania colleagues in fighting for justice for one of their own who died under the hands of police officers.

In the video circulating on social media, police are seen dragging the truck driver out of his lorry.

The four police officers are then seen clobbering him, the driver is also seen very weak.

The four police officers then carry him and dump him just besides his trailer.

The driver is said to have been pronounced dead on arrival at Mbeya regional hospital.

Kenya long distance truck drivers association secretary Roman Waema raised the issue that immediately attracted the attention of human rights defenders and the Tanzania government.

He said the incident is a gross human rights violation.

“We Kenyan truck drivers join our Tanzania colleagues in fighting for the rights of the deceased. The authorities should explain to us what killed the truck driver,” said Waema

Waema added that the drivers will not remain mum but fight until justice is served.

He condemned Tanzania security authorities for ignoring the plights of truck drivers in the country.

He urged Tanzania government to ensure just prevails for the fallen innocent driver.

Mbeya Province Regional Police Boss Jerome Ngowi admitted to have seen the video showing police officers forcing the driver out of the trailer the driver.

“We have launched investigations on this particular matter and all legal avenues will be used to punish all those involved in the killing of the driver,” said Mr. Ngowi.