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Kenya urgently needs economic recovery not BBI

[President Uhuru Kenyatta (right) with ODM Leader Raila Odinga. Photo/courtesy].

The ‘Handshake’ and subsequently Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) was a closed door private affair between President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM Leader Raila Odinga.

It was never subject to public dialogue, agreement and endorsement. BBI Report clearly speaks to and for President Kenyatta and Odinga private agreement. It does not whatsoever speak to and for the people of Kenya.

Kenya is NOT in a personal presidential fiat constitutional moment. It is in presidential economic mismanagement turmoil. It is economy recovery moment for the people of Kenya.

We stand for full adherence, obedience and implementation of the 2010 constitution as promulgated on 27 August, 2010. We will defend, respect and uphold it as such.

Public participation

Any Constitution of Kenya 2010 review SHALL be based on participatory and transparent comprehensive implementation Audit and production of status Report.

There must be a detailed economic and financial assessment implications of Constitution of Kenya 2010 implementation and none implementation.

Intensive civic education on Constitution of Kenya 2010 implementation status reports will be carried out for the people of Kenya to make informed decision on the way forward.

In any eventuality people of Kenya arrive at consensus to review Constitution of Kenya 2010, an agreed democratic legitimate people driven participatory structured process will accordingly be established.

Constitutional devolution gave Kenyans more inclusive participatory democracy. Constitutional public finance gave Kenyans tools for achieving equal society through public expenditure and resources sharing for equitable development and realising constitutional social and economic rights.


The net result is more inclusive democracy, economic democracy, and different values based accountable leadership.

This is Constitution of Kenya 2010 vision which Mr.  Uhuru Kenyatta and Mr. Raila Odinga are killing for political succession expediency without any due regard to the economic and financial consequences to the country.

BBI created an artificial constitutional moment problem. BBI is political coup against the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and sovereign will of the people of Kenya with intent of destroying the constitutional power Kenyans are exercising to control and rein in rogue political leadership and state institutions.

[The writer is the Executive Director International Centre for Policy and Conflict-ICPC, Ndung’u Wainaina].