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Kenyans warned against circulating images of Riverside attack

14 River side Drive survivors seek protection as they are aided out of Dusit hotel | Photo/courtesy

Kenyans have been cautioned against circulating of gorry video clips and images of the 14 Riverside drive attack.

Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet instead appealed to Kenyans to remain calm as police hastens security operations allover the 14 Riverside Drive that was attacked on Tuesday afternoon.

Boinnet however quickly referred to the attackers as gunmen and could not immediately refer them to Al-Shabab militia men.

According to Boinnet, Police and other special security agents were at the scene combing every part of the premise that includes Dusit hotel a famous hotel that attracts international visitors and other conferences.

It is further said that during the attack, most foreign citizens especially from America were having a conference at Dusit hotel.

” There is no reason for panic, Multi-Agency security operation is underway and everything is relatively calm,” said Boinett.

He apealled to family members of those caught up in the siege to cooperate with security agents so that their loved ones are saved.

It is alleged that six gunmen attacked the 14 Riverside Drive on Tuesday afternoon, injuries several people inside the premise.

Several vehicles were burnt outside the Dusit hotel and as at 6 pm Tuesday evening, over 15 casualties were receiving urgent medical attention at MM- Shah hospital.

Already Somali terror group Al-Shabab has claimed responsibility of the Nairobi Riverside terror attack.

Al-Shabab Spokesman only known as ‘Ali’ revealed that Al-Shabab terror group was in Nairobi conducting an ‘Operation’.

It is not yet clear what kind of operation it was, but reports also indicate that 15th of January each year is a special day where Al-Shabab remember the El-Ade attack.

Security operations still underway as Humanitarian body The Kenya Red Cross Society conduct it identification and reuniting exercise.