Home News KFCB will relentlessly fight pornographic content- Dr. Mutua

KFCB will relentlessly fight pornographic content- Dr. Mutua

[From left- KFCB CEO Dr. Ezekiel Mutua, TSC CEO Nancy Macharia, TSC Chair Lydia Nzomo during 43Rd Secondary school heads conference at Wild waters-Mombasa. Photo/Maxwell Ngala]

The Kenya Film Classification Board- KFCB has vowed to tirelessly fight pornographic content in the country.

KFCB Chief Executive Officer Dr. Ezekiel Mutua said that the country was at risk of being flooded by pornographic content and other secret exhibitions that posed a threat to well being of children.

Noting that content impairs one’s judgment, the CEO also urged teachers to discourage students from consuming pornographic content.

“You are what you consume. We want this message go to school,” he said.

Mutua said the unapologetic board will continue to ban films that fail to uphold cultural values of the society.

“If a movie promotes homosexuality and radicalization, we will ban it,” he noted.

He said that government policy is to vet content and Kenya won’t be a country of “anything goes”.

“This is because content shapes opinions and media mould the kind of characters in children,  and unless we have a clear and committed approach to vet bad content from our screens, our children must not watch bad content,” he said.

​Mutua said KFCB will partner with schools for the success of the campaign.

“There will be campaign to mould student to be patriotic and value honest, hard work, respect for parental authority, government and religious institution.” Mutua said.

In the wake of sexual harassment in schools, Mutua said not all teachers are immoral adding that many are making sacrifices and they should get better pay.