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Kilifi Kaya elders curse Coronavirus

[Kaya elders during the rituals at Kaya Jibana. Photo/Elvis Kenga].

Traditional elders drawn from Kaya Fungo and Kaya Jibana in Kilifi County held special cultural prayers to end Coronavirus pandemic in the country.

They said the disease has caused economic stagnation and suffering across the country and that they slaughtered goats as a sacrifice to curse the stubborn virus.

The prayers in the Mijikenda sacred shrines (Kayas) were organised by the Institute for Culture and Ecology (ICE) that seeks to promote the role of culture in the environment in Kilifi County.

Anderson Tsuma of ICE said they seek to preserve traditional knowledge and culture and said they organised the traditional elders to pray for the end of the pandemic.

He said the elders practiced traditional rituals to curse the deadly coronavirus during the solemn ceremony.

Culture preservation

Tsuma underscored the need to preserve all heritage sites in the region for posterity and called for strategies of eradicating destructive activities in these areas.

[Kaya elders during the rituals at Kaya fungo in Kilifi County. Photo/Elvis Kenga].

Ngolo Mwandaza said the heritage and cultural sites of the shrines is held in very high esteem as they hold the key to the history of the indigenous communities which inhabit the Coastal region.

He said the traditional worshiping places need to be conserved and protected for posterity.

Katana Nzioka says they were unable to perform rituals in their shrines to avert Corona outbreak in Kenya because of lack money to buy goats and fowls for the sacrifice.

Ann Sidi Katana asked the young people to respect elders and discard the unbecoming practice of lynching of suspected witches in the community just because they have grey hair.

Elderly residents in parts of Kilifi are increasingly being killed or driven out of their homes on allegations that they practice witchcraft and are behind misfortunes and calamities in the communities.

“Grey hair is not a sign of witchcraft but a sign of wisdom saying the act of killing them on account of their advanced age is primitive and illegal,” she said.