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Kilifi land tussle resurfaces, 1,400 families stranded

[Maweni residents protests land grabbing in the area. Photo/Elvis Kenga].

Over 1,400 families residing at the Maweni Settlement Scheme in Kilifi South Constituency, Kilifi County are decrying police brutality following a bitter tussle of a 161 acre of land.

The squatters claim one of private developers laying claim of a portion of the land has been using the police to evict them, despite them owning an allotment letter over the land.

The residents are now calling on the government’s intervention to settle the matter once and for all.

Yesterday, the residents engaged the police in running battle during a forceful eviction.

50 acres

According the squatters spokesperson Tsongo Mwarua Kajimbi, a private developer laying claim of 50 acres of the 161 acres of land had allegedly colluded with police to have them evicted.

The over 1,400 families remain adamant that they will not abandon their maternal homes, calling on the Ministry of Lands intervention in resolving the matter.

Megi Kombo another squatter says after winning the case against the private developer, in 2017 the government sent surveyor to demarcate the land which they were located.

In court

The land is said to have been allotted to the residents in 2017 after several years of running court battles with the then previous private developer, a senior official in government.

In December 2017, the government surveyors would later proceed to subdivide portions of land to the hundreds of squatters, a moment of relief they say for them.

The bone of contention, however, resurfaced when a new owner claiming 50 acres of the land after coughing 37 million shillings demanded their immediate evacuation.

They have vowed to remain defiant, demanding justice from the county and national governments.