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Kilifi Leaders urged to support youth


Kilifi County political leaders have been urged to support various youth initiatives in the county.

They have been further tasked to engage youth in various development initiatives so that youth don’t feel neglected by their own leaders.

Watamu youth leader Peter Kyalo criticised the county leaders for sidelining the youth in various development and leadership issues critical to the youth.

Addressing his colleagues in Watamu, Kilifi County, Mr. Kyalo said youth and leaders should work in unison to tame challenges facing the young task in the county.

He said youth issues should be deliberated every day and not until International youth day.

“We want to have atleast ada monthly dialogue with our local leaders,” said Mr. Kyalo.

He noted that the monthly dialogues between youth and leaders will lead to proper working relation that will solve many issues revolving around the youth.

“The county government is well informed that unemployment, drug abuse, economic challenges among many youth is the order of today’s Kilifi youth life,” disclosed Kyalo.

He called for a holistic approach in solving issues revolving around the youth.

Kyalo also cautioned youth against being used and misused by politician, adding that such trend has left many youth in the county hopeless.

He appealed to the youth to focus more on their independence and vie for various leadership posts in the forthcoming general election.

“They are telling us it’s too early for politics while they cross the country campaigning for themselves and we support them, please my fellow youth let’s change,” revealed Mr. Kyalo.

He urged youth to also come out and use their talents so that they earn from them.

Kyalo said many youth in other parts of the country are exploring and earning a living from their God given talents and Kilifi youth are no different.

The youth agreed to engage their political leaders on monthly basis in a bid to ensure Watamu youth benefit from various opportunities that are channeled through the local leaders.