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Kilifi man safeguards community from Coronavirus

[Kilifi youthful community leader Amos Fondo (Right) with a youth at Oloitiptip market. Photo/courtesy].

A youthful Kilifi community leader has initiated various interventions to curtail the spread of Coronavirus among locals.

Amos Fondo who through the Wells Mountain Initiative (WMI) bagged 466 US dollars (Ksh. 48,277) launched the initiative to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the area.

Mr. Fondo targeted three markets within Kilifi where he distributed face masks and soaps so as to enable traders protect themselves from the novel Coronavirus.

“I targeted Oloitiptip, Charo wa Mae and Kibaoni markets in a bid to avert the spread of Covid-19 pandemic,” he said.


According to Fondo, many traders in the markets lacked personal protective equipment (PPE’s), a situation that triggered his efforts.

Over 500 people benefited from the program.

Fondo appealed to locals to embrace physical distancing, wearing face masks and fully abide by health measures so as to remain safe.

[Kilifi youthful community leader Amos Fondo (In white long sleeved shirt) distributing soaps and face masks to traders at Oloitiptip market in Kilifi. Photo/courtesy]

He said if locals take the responsibility of fighting the disease, they will flatten the curve.

Communal responsibility

Fondo said the distribution of face masks and soaps to small traders and locals flocking the three markets was also fused with awareness campaign targeting locals on how they can protect themselves from the deadly virus.

“We appreciate the efforts from our own youth, Mr. Fondo who is educating locals on how to prevent Coronavirus disease,” said a trader, Elizabeth Kadzo who operates at Oloitiptip market.

The Wells Mountain Initiative from USA supports its members who intend to conduct certain projects to help solve societal problems with an aim of positively impacting the larger society.