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Kinango youth join anti-covid-19 campaign


Macknon road based youth have launched an initiative to curtail the spread of Coronavirus among locals in the entire Macknon road Ward, in Kinango, Kwale county.

The Great Minds Macknon youth group is targeting Bodaboda riders in the entire Macknon road with an aim of protecting them from contracting the deadly virus.

According to the group’s Chairperson Mrisa Mwakupha, Bodaboda operators are at high risk of contracting the disease considering the nature of their work.

“They mingle with everyone within the community and if we instill in them the relevant knowledge we will be protecting the larger community,” said Mr. Mwakupha.

He said the group through member’s contribution, they are able to distribute face masks to the Bodaboda operators within Macknon Ward.

“We are not only giving them face masks but also informing them of the dangers of Coronavirus,” he added.

Mwakupha has appealed to the locals to always observe health and safety measures so that the prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

He urged locals to regularly wash their hands, avoid crowded places and mostly wear face masks whenever they are in public places.

He said Great Minds Macknon youth group will conduct a door to door campaign in Macknon, Taru, Dupharo, Egu, Fuleye and Mwembeni among other villages in the entire Macknon Ward.

Meanwhile the youth group has donated food, washing detergents, face masks and sanitary towels to Kuluhiro children’s home at Macknon road.

The children’s home has faced various challenges since the Coronavirus pandemic hit the country in March this year.