Home News Kisauni insecurity ascribed to unemployment, availability of weapons-Haki Africa

Kisauni insecurity ascribed to unemployment, availability of weapons-Haki Africa

[Haki Africa Executive director Hussein Khalid. Photo/Maxwell Ngala]

The recent disconcerting situation that has marred Kisauni Sub County has been attributed to the influx of weapons and unemployment among youth.

In a recent baseline study conducted by human right lobby Haki Africa in various parts of Kisauni, Mombasa county, availability of weapons among them machetes and guns have yielded into a serious increase in crime rate in the area.

Haki Africa’s Executive director Hussein Khalid said the situation needed an urgent action to be quelled.

Speaking at Haki Africa’s offices in Mombasa on Wednesday Khalid also cited closure of many clearing and forwarding companies due to the introduction of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) cargo train as another reason why youth who were absorbed in such companies lost their jobs and resorted into crime.

“We never weighed the impact of the cargo train but many youth who highly depended on clearing and forwarding companies which bigger percentage shut down are now hopeless and their remedy is crime,” noted Mr. Khalid.

He said the social media has also lured youth into many social vices that later pushed the minors into crime.

“Poor parenting, single parenthood, drug abuse and lack of religious guidance among locals and especially youth also triggered series of insecurity cases,” noted Mr. Khalid.

He said that some parents could not have enough time with their children and would be away fending for their children thus exposing them to social vices.

He also raised concerns over the drug menace in the area.

The human right defender revealed that since the beginning of September this year Haki Africa has recorded a total of 20 extra judicial killings cases whether conducted by criminal gangs, mob or by police officers.

Khalid said that area residents wanted security agents and Mombasa county government to work in unity so as to curb the worrying trend of killings in Kisauni.

Khalid called on Mombasa police commandant Johnston Ipara, Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho and the County Commissioner Evans Achoki to work out an urgent plan to contain the perturbing situation in Kisauni.