Home News Kisauni MP Gives Muslim clerics, faithful food

Kisauni MP Gives Muslim clerics, faithful food

[Kisauni Legislature Ali Mbogo distributing relief food to locals. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Kisauni Member of Parliament Ali Mbogo has launched an iftar food distribution program in his constituency.

Mbogo said the relief will benefit Muslim clerics and faithful during the holy month of Ramadan.

Mbogo noted that the Muslim faithful is undergoing double challenge during the holy month of Ramadan and economic threat posed by the spread of Coronavirus.

He said the program will go on so that many locals benefit from the rice, cooking oil among other types of reliefs.

Economic challenges

“The little we get we need to share it with our people, this year’s Ramadan is very challenging since some have lost jobs because of the Covid-19 pandemic,” noted Mbogo.

The program will also include the Christina religious leaders and the needy families within Kisauni

He said the negative economic impact posed by Coronavirus is big and locals need support.

“As your leader I fully understand what you are going through that’s why am working round the clock to ensure we support each other,” he said.

Earlier the Kisauni legislature launched nutrition support in his constituency.

However the program was halted by the government order that food distribution should be channel to the relevant authorities from the County commissioner’s office.

The beneficiaries are drawn from Mishomoroni, Mtopanga, Bamburi among other areas within the constituency.