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KPA workers’ salaries wrangles deepens

[Port workers led by Justine Wangore handing over their demands to Mombasa port management. Photo/Ahmed].

Dock Workers Union Members (DWU) have signed a petition to accept a 12% salary increment as advised by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) concerning their 2020/2023 Comprehensive Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

Led by the Chief Shop Steward Justine Angore, the members decided to accept the offer following delays in implementing the CBA that had been occasioned by a push and pull by the Union, Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) and SRC.

Speaking outside the Port gate after presenting their petition to the DWU National chairperson that was addressed to KPA Managing director, they want the 12 percent salary increment to be implemented immediately.

The petition presented on Tuesday was signed by about 1000 port workers with more signatures expected within the week.

According to Angore, the over 5,000 port workers had agreed to sign the petition with the names presented on Tuesday belonging to a section of workers stationed in Mombasa as they wait for more names and signatures from other port workers in Lamu, Nairobi and Kisumu.

“Following the stalemate on the 2020/2023 CBA, we members hereby take charge and make decision as is provided in our DWU constitution article 7 which states that a member has a right to participate in union activities, as stipulated in CBA negotiations either directly or indirectly,”

“We do hereby put this petition to cease fire, as such therefore, we have agreed in one voice that we take the 12% as guided by SRC without further delay,” said Angore.

Early this year, the workers Union and KPA signed a salary increment CBA of 10% spread over two years beginning 2021 to 2022.

This was to be followed by negotiations for the 2023 CBA; however, the workers stated that the SRC had in May given an advisory for a 12% salary increment to be spread over four years that is 2020 to 2023.

“We have waited for a salary increment for too long now, enough is enough, we want as quick as possible what rightfully belongs to us, the MD should sign the agreement as quickly as possible so that we get paid,” said Angore.

DWU National chairperson Mohammed Mwasera commended the workers for their move while calling for unity within the union as he promised to personally take the petition to the MD.

“I want to thank you for the move you have taken in coming up with the petition and not to disrupt work or people, ours is to bring industrial harmony, the employer has not refused to pay us it’s just that the process has taken too long,” said Mwasera.

In early November, the union’s general secretary issued a seven day strike notice to push for the full implementation of the 2021/2022 CBA.

However, a section of the union members led by the Port Workers Welfare and Performance Group opposed it, appealing to union members to ignore the notice which they warned may lead to their sacking.