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KRA seize smuggled goods in high seas of Indian Ocean

[Yusuf Mohamed Abdalla appearing before Mombasa Senior resident Magistrate Ms Rita Amwayi. Photo/Courtesy/KRA].

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has seized a consignment of scrap metal and edible oils which had been smuggled to Kenya from Somalia, after an attempt to sneak the cargo into the local market failed.

The owners of the consignment had tried to offload the cargo into Boats in the high seas of the Indian Ocean to transport the consignment to the shore, to avoid the goods being detected by law enforcement agencies.

MV TIMA FENA, the Vessel which was conveying the contraband goods was intercepted by Kenya Navy officials after sighting crew members trying to offload goods on small speed boats before reaching the port.

Upon inspection of the vessel, it was established that it carried 77 (20litre) Jerry cans of sim sim oil and 17 tons of scrap metals from Somalia all valued at Ksh. 908,064.

The crew aboard the vessel tried to offload the said goods before reaching the port of Mombasa to circumvent the current ban on importation of any merchandise through the Somali-Kenya border.

The charges

The matter was handed over to the Authority and the Master of the Ship, Yusuf Mohamed Abdalla was arrested and arraigned before a Mombasa court charged with smuggling goods contrary to the East African Community Customs Management Act (EACCMA).

The accused person was charged that on May, 17, 2021 at Mombasa county within the republic of Kenya, being the master of the Vessel namely MV TIMA FENA, smuggled goods to wit 17 tons of scrap Metal and 77 Jerry cans sim sim oil each of 20 Litres all of which were valued at Ksh. 908,064, from Jubba land state of Somalia to Mombasa Port Kenya.

He denied committing the Offence before Mombasa senior resident Magistrate Rita Amwayi, and he was released on a 500,000 shillings surety bond.

The case will be mentioned on October, 17, 2021.