Home News KRCS unite with Shimo la Tewa Women’s prison for an iftar dinner

KRCS unite with Shimo la Tewa Women’s prison for an iftar dinner

[Shimo la Tewa women's prison inmates breaking the fast. Photo/ Tom Fondo].

Shimo la Tewa Women’s prison received the Kenya Red Cross Society family who spent great time with the inmates.

The unexpected guests warmed the hearts of the female inmates who despite being behind bars enjoyed the engagement with the humanitarian aid staff.

KRCS Mombasa branch Acting welfare Officer Rafik Rauf said the organisation is in a special Ramadan engagement program to share with the needy in the society.

He said not only sharing the iftar dinner but allowing the female inmates to open up on various issues that the organisation can offer its aid and support was critical.

He said by engaging with the inmates they felt being remembered by the society which helps them prepare psychologically to go back to the society after they complete their term behind bars.

[KRCS officials together with RCT officials serving food at Shimo la Tewa women’s prison. Photo/Tom Fondo].

“To both the Kenya Red Cross Society family and the female inmates such sessions develop a sense of humanity and embracing social work,” noted the humanitarian Officer.

Mr Rauf applauded the organisations volunteers who by involving themselves in such social activities, they understand the dynamics in their own society, thus raising a generation that learns the evil and goods societal deeds.

“These are not only iftar dinner sessions where we break the fast and go back home, since most of our volunteers are very young, we give them the chance to learn about the society, develop and grow their self esteem and embrace volunteerism,” added Mr. Rauf.

[Reachout Centre Trust Executive director Taib Abdulrahman (In blue jeans) KRCS Acting welfare officer rafik Rauf (In grey tshirt) during iftar dinner. Photo/ Tom Fondo].

He also noted visiting special groups in the society among them prisoners is a show of remembering those in needs of not only materialistic needs but emotional soothing and  benefiting them from psychosocial support as well.

He said such activities will be conducted during the entire holy month of Ramadan.

Last Friday, the humanitarian body shared iftar dinner with staff and volunteers at their offices in Mombasa which was also attended by the organisations board members and volunteers.