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Kwale-Speaker roots for upscaling of ‘Elimu ni Sasa’ Education Programme

[Kwale Assembly speaker Sammy Ruwa addressing the media. Photo/Ahmed Omar/13th/03/2022].

Kwale County Assembly Speaker Sammy Ruwa is rooting for an upgrade of the Elimu Ni Sasa Education Bursary Programme in the County which has increased the number of graduate professionals in the county since the advent of devolution in 2013 from a paltry dozen hundreds to over 62,000 to-date.

Ruwa noted that before devolution in 2013, Kwale County had very few graduate professionals but the Elimu Ni Sasa Education Bursary Programme has upscaled the number to thousands of various graduates in blue chip professions like medicine, architecture, engineering and other specialised fields.

Ruwa who was speaking to the media in Kwale during a tour of schools at St. Angelo Nursery and Primary School in Ukunda to monitor education progress expressed the need to up-scale the amount of money allocated to the Ward Bursary Fund from 20 million shillings to 40 million shillings in order to expose more learners in the hitherto marginalised and poverty-stricken county.

The Speaker also expressed the need to revamp the county’s economy, education sector in particular by ensuring increased financial allocations to education programs at the Ward levels in order to sustainably improve education standards across the county.

He said there was a need to put Kwale in the national map as an epicenter of serious and highly educated professionals in the entire Coast region and probably among top ranking elite counties in the country.

The Speaker said there is need to ring-fence the on-going ELIMU NI SASA education program to ensure that it is transformed into a sustainably improved outfit to embrace more bright and needy students to fully benefit from it annually.

“This is a program that is seriously incubating serious doctors, geologists, engineers, lawyers among other disciplines through an airlift program initiated by outgoing Governor Salim Mvurya,” said Ruwa.

He expressed the need to leverage on the gains made by the Programme by investing on serious infrastructure that “accommodates these great minds, these are achievements we ought to celebrate”.

62,000 students in county schools have since benefited from the ELimu Ni Sasa Bursary Program which commenced in 2016. 5,300 more beneficiaries are currently in national schools while 3,300 in Universities with several in technical institutions e.g. TVETs, according to the county government data.


Douglas Chaka, currently a lawyer in Kwale who operates in Kilifi is among beneficiaries of the Kwale Bursaries program through the popular Governor’s Airlifting Program.

The Governor’s Airlifting Program has seen more than 200 students get education scholarships to travel abroad for higher education in Universities across Asia and Europe.

Chaka went to India where he graduated later and came back to practice law in Kwale and Kilifi Counties.

He described the Speaker as one of the pioneers of the County Assembly Bill which approved the creation of the Ward Bursary Fund and supported the financing of the county education scholarship programs including the Elimu ni Sasa and Governor’s Airlifting Program.

Kwale is the only county in the country that managed to approve for the establishment of such a Ward Bursary Fund through a Bill passed in the County Assembly in 2016.