Home News Kwale women rep wants Basic education Act 2013 amended

Kwale women rep wants Basic education Act 2013 amended

[Kwale Women rep. Zuleikha Juma. Photo/ Alloys Musyoka]

Kwale County women representative Zuleikha Juma has defended her proposal to amend the Basic education act 2013.

In her proposal if the bill sails through, the government will ensure that secondary school education is totally free unlike now where parents are burdened to pay fees for their children.

She said that the principal object of the bill is to amend the Basic education act to make provisions for the definition of secondary education.

“The bill does not affect the functions of the county government and is therefore not a bill concerning counties for purpose of article 110(1) standing orders” she said.

Before the Kimani Ichungwa MP led committee this week, Zuleikha said that currently the education situation in poverty stricken areas is wanting, explaining the need for approval of the bill for them to benefit.

“Students from poor families in many parts of the country cannot afford secondary education and are forced to stay at home,” she told the committee.

She said if the amendments are approved, the government will take full responsibility of ensuring every Kenya student access free secondary education.

The MP said the bill will also see all class eight leavers get secondary education regardless of their marks.

In October last year, Zuleikha requested the parliament to amend the education act 2013 saying that although the constitution and Basic education act provides for the government to give free and compulsory basic education to every child, the Act was not clear on the provisions of free secondary education.

Since the bill will see the government spending more money if passed to cater for the provision of compulsory free secondary education, the MP was invited by parliamentary budget committee to defend her proposal for the amendment of the Basic Education act 2013.

She said that the ministry of education has not been able to fully fund secondary education because of the Basic education Act 2013 definition which they hide behind it.

Her proposal to amend the act is in the hands of the parliamentary budget committee pending approval before it moves to the next stage.