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KWS scoffed for failing to curb human-wildlife conflict in Lamu

[Hongwe Ward Representative James Komu during a session at the Lamu County Assembly. Photo/Courtesy].

Lamu County Assembly Members are condemning the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) in Lamu for recklessly tackling the Human-wildlife conflict in the County.

The Lamu MCA’s led by Hongwe Ward Representative James Komu says the raging buffalos has instilled fear among Lamu residents especially in Mpeketoni, Witu and Basuba areas where they attack, injure and to some extent kill locals.

Komu said despite all the threats posed by the buffalos and other wild animals, the KWS has sluggishly handled the matter leaving locals at the mercies of the angry and hungry wild animals.

“We know that the drought has badly affected all of us but should we just leave the wild animals to kill our people until rains are back?” Posed Mr Komu.

Speaking in his Hongwe Ward on Saturday, the politician reiterated the need for the government’s body incharge of wildlife to immediately employ any tactics possible to quell the worrying conflict.

“We have never heard of the Tourism and Wildlife Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala speaking on the issue or even meeting the affected, injured or the bereaved families, are these issues not part of his docket?” Charged an embittered Komu.

Komu squarely criticised the Lamu County government for taking back seat as locals are being attacked, injured and killed by wild animals in the county.

“In fact when locals defend themselves against the wild animals, protection that should be provided by the KWS, they area arrested and locked up in Garsen and even Malindi prisons, we will not accept that,” said the Hongwe MCA.

According to the MCA, women, youth and even men have been arrested by Lamu KWS officers and taken to Garsen law courts in Tana River county and in Malindi law courts in Kilifi County where they are charged for killing wild animals.

According to the leaders, the locals are then remanded in Garsen and Malindi prisons.

The leaders demanded nothing but an amicable solution to the current Human-wildlife conflict in the county.

At least one person was recently killed by a buffalo in Mpeketoni area while two others seriously injured, one badly on her private parts in Basuba Ward, Lamu East.