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Lamu county Gov’t urged to clean Lamu Island


Locals within Lamu Island have urged the county government to clean-up Mkunguni area.

The locals said Mkunguni area despite being a public place is filthy with little being done to tame the situation.

Led by youth activist Yunus Is’hakia Ahmed, the locals said the heaps of garbage has tarnished the attractive image of Lamu island that plays a major tourist destination.

According to Mr. Ahmed, though the county government is mandated to manage all time cleanliness in Lamu Island it has failed to take its role properly.

He said Lamu Island and specifically Mkunguni area is home to various activities including business and even public meetings, however, the place has been been neglected in terms of sanitation.

“The smell and filthy state of Mkunguni area within Lamu Island cannot be explained further, It is evident that the county has failed us,” said the Lamu Justice Network Executive director.

The activist further appealed to the Lamu county government to give some women and youth casual labour so that they clean the area on daily basis.

He said Lamu deserves better environment services as such ignorance may cause a serious disease outbreak.

“Let’s incorporate our jobless youth is this environmental programme so that everyone benefit from clean environment,” reiterated Mr Ahmed.