Home News Lamu fishermen scoff at county gov’t over empty promises

Lamu fishermen scoff at county gov’t over empty promises


Lamu County fishermen have decried the county government for ignoring them.

The fishermen expressed frustrations over lack of any efforts from the Lamu county government to salvage the dying fishing sector.

Speaking in Lamu, the fishermen through their Chairperson Mohammed Somo said despite being frustrated by the national government entities, the county government has remained mum over the matter.

Somo said the fishermen no longer understand their source of help.

“Lamu Governor Fahim Twaha promised us vibrant measures in face-lifting the fishing sector, three years down the line, we do not have even rescue boats in case of emergencies, ” said Somo.

He said in the recent past, the fishermen have been harassed by the national government entities, being arrested and charged before court for allegedly flouting fishing provisions without any county government efforts in curtailing the situation.

“Is the fishing sector non-critical to Lamu County’s economy?” posed Mr. Somo.

He further revealed that the Lamu fishing sector is slowly disintegrating leaving fishermen in acute poverty.

The fishing stakeholder said together with their families are leaving in dispair following shrinking revenue from their economic activity.

Somo also noted that various projects initiated in the county by the national government among them the LAPSSET project have hugely and negatively impacted the fishing sector that seem not to recover anytime soon.

Somo said with the continuous drilling in the Indian Ocean, fish migrated to the deep sea where the fishermen are not allowed to venture due to security concerns or lack of the required equipment to enable them venture into the deep waters of the Indian Ocean.

“We are pleading with the Lamu county Governor Fahim Twaha to come forward and salvage the fishing sector that is dwindling, ” he added.