Home News Lamu governor decries little anti-covid-19 allocation

Lamu governor decries little anti-covid-19 allocation

[Lamu governor Fahim Twaha. Photo/courtesy].

Lamu governor Fahim Twaha has called on the national government to increase the amount allocated to the county to mitigate the Coronavirus pandemic.

Twaha belittled the 13 million shillings given to Lamu government for the campaign and other health initiatives to curb the spread of the disease.

The Lamu governor said the amount is minimal and can’t assist in implementing tangible projects in containing the disease.

“This allocation will not take us any far, 13 million shillings is too minimal for us to implement various programs in mitigating the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Mr. Twaha.


He however blamed county leaders who have failed in advancing Lamu development agenda at the national level.

He asked Lamu County leaders to prioritise Lamu development issues when at the National assembly or the Senate so that the county gets adequate allocation.

His sentiments were backed by Kiunga ward MCA Abdallah Babadi.

Babadi, though he said the amount will be utilised, he stressed out on the need to increase the amount.

“13 million shillings is very little for us, we are equally economically affected by the pandemic,” noted Babadi.

Meanwhile Lamu county assembly is set to discuss the 157 million shillings release delay. The amount is meant to implement various programs to prevent Coronavirus in the county.