Home News Lamu gov’t urged to give relief to quarantined families

Lamu gov’t urged to give relief to quarantined families

Lamu County government has been urged to give relief food to families put under quarantine.
The families are those who their Members tested positive for Coronavirus.
Lamu has registered 24 positive cases so far.
Haki Africa Lamu county coordinator Yunus Isaack Ahmed said the government has not implemented any emergency or relief programs to help the affected families upkeep their lives.
According to Mr. Yunus, the affected families are under isolation at their homes and they need urgent humanitarian assistance from the government.
“For the infected people to be isolated is noble so that they do not spread the virus, however some needs humanitarian assistance because they depend on casual activities for them to get basic needs,” said Yunus.
The human rights defender said the over 24 families affected by Coronavirus are now living in tough conditions since they cannot fend for themselves.
“Though this is a collective responsibility and it should involve multi-sectoral approach, Lamu county government should take the lead role,” Yunus said.
Lamu county government has been criticised for not taking seriously the Covid-19 pandemic and it’s negative economic impact in the county.
Locals have blamed the county government for laxity despite the county recording 24 positive cases in the last three weeks.
Some of those who contracted the disease are 6 health workers at the largest health facility, King Fahad hospital in Lamu.
The situation triggered strike among the health workers at the facility.
The rights defenders have been at logger head with Lamu county government urging it to come out and fight the pandemic that has since sent Lamu residents into panic.