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Lamu Police Reservists want monthly allowances

[Lamu security agencies on patrol. File photo]

Lamu county National Police Reservists (NPR) want the government to pay them monthly allowances.

They said it has been very challenging for them to battle enemies with empty stomachs and without any specific amount to sustain their families.

Speaking in Kibaoni area Lamu County, the police reservists says they are forced to work day and night, conditions that are not favourable for them.

They appealed to the national government to state the working conditions of the working environment so that the police reservists work in favourable conditions in efforts to curtail the Al-Shabab threats in the county.

The police reservists were deployed in Mpeketoni and Hindi areas of Lamu County to fight the increased attacks in the areas.

The security issue posed a mix up with both the security agencies and locals failing to immediately establish those behind the attacks.

Reports indicated that the situation was caused by land conflicts in the area while others indicated that the Al-shabab militia men may have had a hand in the attacks.

“Working day and night and without stable salaries has become a bit tough for us, it is only humane for us to drop the guns and source for other alternative livelihoods,” said one of the officers.

Locals in Majembeni and Widho areas of Mpeketoni and those from Bobo in Hindi area say the police reservists get overworked and they need proper plans and strategies for them to perform their duties.

Meanwhile, a total of eleven families in Widho Majembeni in Lamu county have received cheques worth 100,000 shilings reliefs each from Lamu County government.

The widows benefitted from the cash after their husbands were killed in January following series of attacks in Widho and Hindi areas of Lamu County.

The affected families have been receiving food from Lamu County government since January, after the killings.

[The affected families receiving their cheques worth 1.1 million shillings from Lamu county government. Photo/LGPS].
The recent attacks being the burning of 8 trucks belonging to the Chinese Communication and Construction Company (CCCC), attacks that stalled the construction of Lamu-Witu-Garsen- Garissa highway for more than three weeks.

The security situation was later restored after more security troops and police reservists were deployed in the affected areas.