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Lamu West MP wants youth issued with ID Cards


Lamu West Member of Parliament Stanley Muthama has called on the county administration to ensure his youth are issued with National Identification Cards.

Muthama says Lamu West youth have gone through serious tribulations following the lack of the critical document.

Speaking in his constituency on Sunday, Muthama said youth especially those from Boni areas and its environs have been hopping from one administration office to another with hopes that they will one day secure the identification cards.

He urged the County administration in charge of ID cards issuance to ensure all Lamu West youth who have attained the age of 18 get Identification cards.

According to Muthama, the youth cannot secure jobs whether inside or outside Lamu county because of a lack of ID cards.

“Not only jobs but also education matters, some of our youth who want to pursue higher education or who want to join other technical Institutions cannot do so because they do not have ID cards,” reiterated the Legislature.

He further challenged the Registrar of persons in Lamu county to conduct the necessary vetting exercise and ensure Lamu West youth and any other youth in Lamu county who has attained the age of 18 years is issued with a National Identity Card.

“The IEBC is now conducting mass voter registration but look at those turning out to be registered as voters, very few, lack of ID among the youth is one of contributing factors,” he said.

The Lawmaker noted that he has been following up the matter closely in ensuring no youth is denied the critical document for no reason.

Muthama’s sentiments were earlier on shared by youth activist Yunus Is’hakia Ahmed who challenged the Lamu county administration to make the identification cards issuance a continuous exercise.

Meanwhile, Lamu Youth Assembly President Habib Ali Shee cautioned the Registrar of persons Lamu county against discrimination.

He said Lamu youth and any other resident has the right to get such critical document without experiencing any obstacles.

“We should not be discriminated, we should be accorded all the rights as any other Kenyans, and this includes getting National Identity Cards,” Mr Shee stressed out.