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Lamu youth activists worried over poor parenting

[Jambo Kids Sports Club Patron Obbo Mohammed Obbo. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Youthful activists in Lamu have raised red flag over poor parenting in the county.

The activists say children have been loitering in Lamu island and some engaging in fishing activities without any proper monitoring.

Jambo Kids Football Club Patron Obbo Mohammed Obbo said the trend poses major threats to children in the county.

According to Mr. Obbo, parents have given their children extreme freedom that may hinder their progress when schools reopen.

Speaking in Lamu Mr. Obbo urged parents to take their responsibilities seriously so as to protect children from social vices.

He said allowing minors to go fishing is endangering their lives considering the Indian Ocean has experienced high tides in Lamu.

“The county recorded 10 boat accidents in just a month yet parents are allowing their children to go fishing, this is unacceptable,” noted Mr. Obbo.

He appealed to parents to closely monitor their children especially during the long holiday resulted by the Covid-19 pandemic so that they remain safe at home.

“Parents should ensure their children are safe at home, they are engaged in small duties and given time to read their books,” said the youth activist.

He said through such poor parenting the county is at risk of recording high rates of early pregnancy.

Obbo reiterated that with many students at home for yet to be known period of time, they may engage in irresponsible sexual behaviors thus pushing them to early pregnancies.

He called for continous engagement between stakeholders and parents so as to prevent the situation from escalating.

“Parents should not embrace early marriages among school going children in a bid to hide the truth when their young girls are impregnated,” revealed Obbo.