Home News Lamu youth decry discrimination in KFS recruitment

Lamu youth decry discrimination in KFS recruitment


The Lamu Youth Assembly has scoffed the Kenya Forest Services for sidelining the youth in the recent national recruitment exercise.

Lamu Youth Assembly President Habib Ali Shee criticised the national government for ignoring Lamu youth in the recent recruitment where only three people were recruited from the entire Coast region.

Shee said such discrimination discourages the youth who are equally searching for job opportunities.

He said Lamu youth have for so long suffered discrimination in various government employment opportunities, a situation the youth leaders are trying to put to an end.

He said Lamu youth are well informed of their rights and they will relentlessly fight for their space in both the national and the county government.

“Please do not use the aspect of education to discriminate us in various public opportunities, Lamu youth are qualified just like youth from other regions,” He said.

He appealed to his peers to relentlessly fight for what is rightfully theirs.

His sentiments were echoed by the Youth assembly majority leader Yunus Ahmed who said Lamu youth will struggle and fight for such opportunities.

Yunus said Lamu county has very minimal job opportunities and sidelining the community in such openings is actually subjecting the locals to acute poverty.

“Only three people were picked, two from Kwale and one from Tana river counties, you mean we don’t have forests in Lamu?” posed Mr Ahmed.

He reiterated that the youth will not back down in their quest for government job opportunities.

“In fact the LAPSSET project in Lamu County should prioritise Lamu community before any other person,” he said.

According to Lamu county government, the county has recently witnessed an influx of people traveling into the county after the LAPSSET project launch in May, 2021.