Home News Lamu youth gets close shave for lazing around

Lamu youth gets close shave for lazing around

[Some of the Lamu youth who received a forced, close shave. Photo/courtesy/Oct' 14, 2022].

Several youth in Kizingitini are Pate island in Lamu East on Thursday received an abrupt close shave right in their homes.

Police officers visited the village and knocked in every homestead demanding to be handed over the youth, where some were in their sleep.

One by one they gave the youth a forced close shave and as well removed their beards.

Some of the youth were left with sign of Holy cross on their heads, unusual move that left locals perplexed.

Police claim that the youth have been idling around without indulging themselves in meaningful activities.


However, the incident attracted mixed reactions from activists who said that it was wrong for police to take such actions against innocent youth.

“This is truly human rights violation, how can you just pick someone from their sleep and start shaving them?” posed Lamu activist Famau Mohammed.

However, police would hear none of the lamentation and enhanced their mission, moved to Kizingitini movie café where a total of 19 youth found inside the movie café’ received their forced, close shave.

[One of the Lamu youth who were left without hair on their heads for allegedly idling around. Photo/courtesy/Oct’ 14, 2022].

On Friday, the youth did not converge at their usual movie café’ or groupings fearing worse would happen to them in case the police forget to shave other parts of their bodies.